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Commercial Landscaping

Are you in need of a safe, local and effective form of commercial landscaping? Then you have come to the right place. At William Schoellkopf , we provide a dedicated and detailed service that is all about developing clean and engaging commercial landscapes.
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Residential Landscaping

Are you in need of an effective and respected Akron residential landscaping team? Then at William Schoellkopf , we can make sure that you have all the help and assistance that you could possibly need. With a detailed and intricate style that ensures you get all the help that you require with making your own property absolutely sparkle, we can be both the fountain of ideas and inspiration as well as the hard-working landscaping experts who fit it!
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At William Schoellkopf , we provide a committed and determined professional hardscaping experience for anyone in Akron and beyond. With a hardscaping service that cuts away all of the challenge and just makes the process simple to follow along with, we make life easier than ever for any requirement you have.
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Who We Are


Company History

At William Schoellkopf, we provide a comfortable and professional landscape design service in Akron, providing people with the help and assistance that they need for residential and commercial assistance. With our expertise and knowledge that has spanned across four generations of the Schoellkopf family, we bring a specific feel to every job that we work on. When you are looking for a professional landscape design company, look no further. This is a team of experts who genuinely care about the job and the finished product. We take the time needed to really appreciate and understand the unique challenges that lie ahead in any job. No two landscape jobs are the same, and we treat your own requirement as just that – something totally different and unique from the norm. This allows us to give 100% commitment and effort to finding a solution that is going to fit everyone’s wants and needs. So, if you are looking for help from a professional team of experts who know what they are doing on any landscaping job in the area, you can rely upon our team to deliver consistently.
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Why Should I Pick William Schoellkopf?

We understand that many other professional landscape design companies in the area will be contacting you and seeing how they can help. However, we believe that our service stands out from the crowd in terms of clarity, consistency and ease of management for all. To help make sure that all of our clients can get a unique service that fits their needs, we offer a far more professional manner of working that helps to ensure the end result is right each time.
We take on all projects from a blueprint design, following the plan from start to finish. Rather than change plans or deviate through a lack of planning in the first place, we hit the right targets and make the right kind of call each and every time. This is because we plan every role out, we take the time to understand what the job needs, and we deliver it in good time and at a budget we agreed upon.
Few things matter more to us than offering a service that is friendly, effective and financially affordable. Landscaping roles can be cost-prohibitive for many people, so we look to stop that from being the case by offering a service that is much easier to work with instead.
We meet or exceed all insurance and licensing requirements for landscaping companies in the locations that we serve. We carry both General Liability and Worker's Compensation insurance, so you can feel completely confident working with us.
By taking inspiration from naturally appearing landscapes to ensure that you get something that really fits with your personality and lifestyle, we make it easier than ever to get the kind of innovation that you need. We don’t like the idea of offering the same as those around you – we listen to you and your personality, and we build a professional landscaping service that fits those needs.
For more help in ensuring you make the right call, come and speak to William Schoellkopf today!
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