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Who We Are

At William Schoellkopf , we understand that the kind of service we provide requires a certain style and substance. By working with people for years, we help to find a solution that follows the guidelines and requirements of our clients. By actually listening to what you need, too, we make sure that the solution is not going to be what we can do, but rather what you want. Many landscapers go with the simple option rather than taking a risk and making something more complex and rewarding. We never make this mistake, creating a profile of landscape that fits perfectly.

When it comes to working with William Schoellkopf , then, you can be sure that you are hiring a landscaper with a genuine passion for the role. This is a family business, and is in the 4th generation of the most capable landscaping hands in Ohio. Having been in business since ’85, we’ve helped to format and create a business with a certain style and reputation to it. This isn’t just a business that follows the norm or makes the trends lead the way: we offer something far more concrete and comfortable that genuinely fits with your own needs.

As a landscaper with a genuine love for the role, you are hiring a tireless landscaping team. We work together to help deliver what everyone wants: a truly delicate and dedicated landscaping option in your outdoor area. Whether it’s in a commercial landscape that needs that extra touch and love to it, or you want to make your home truly your own, we have the means and the qualities to make that as easy as possible.


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A Professional Landscape Design Company in Akron

We also work with lots of people to make sure that a new range of developments can be made possible for every requirement. By just avoiding to offer the same old, we help to innovate and create something a little more engaging and exciting than in the past.

So, William Schoellkopf  is more than just your typical landscaping firm. Raised in and around the garden, William himself brings a wonderfully detailed and intricate plan to the table for every landscape role. By using nature as the inspiration for some of his most effective and affectionate designs, William Schoellkopf  is all about making sure that clients can get a landscaping experience that looks just as they intended, while maintaining a natural beauty that is eye-catching.


Does this sound like the kind of program that you are looking for? Would you like to start seeing genuine progression in any landscaping task that you have? Then contact William Schoellkopf today.

With enthusiasm and passion alongside familial experience that ensures you have someone on the job who knows exactly what is required, you can feel comfortable that your landscaping plans and dreams can come to life in the most effective fashion possible.

Need more information? Then feel free to contact the team today on 216-438-1109 or email us at info@williamschoellkopf.com - we’ll respond as soon as possible!

Selection of a Landscape Designer

Why experience is important when choosing a landscape design company

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Designers are genuine artists in every aspect of their work and in their own right. Their creativity begins with an unquenchable thirst to put out their imagination for the world. A well thought out plan that can be fulfilled with cost friendly execution, lays the basis of a good landscape plan.

Therefore, in order to get an excellent design you need an exemplary designer and to select one such designer, there is a certain criterion to sort the matter of selection out for you.

Although it sounds fairly simple, but the sales geniuses who make the commission with everything they sell create an illusion that leads to over planting. Over planting not only wastes money initially but also long-term which is the opposite of you might want.

A professional landscape company such as William Schoellkopf Landscape Design sets the bar rather high with the following criteria to be fulfilled by others.


So does the company you are hiring have a formal education background in this field of work? If not then what proper training programs were they enrolled to proclaim themselves as a competent designer worth of the professional prospect of work? Despite the fact that education is the not the sole deciding factor of the work a company does but it definitely is an important consideration for to make a decision in choosing your professional landscape company. For a professional landscape company to be formally educated or certified shows that Landscape Design is a career choice and can be undertaken seriously.


How much has gone by since the company started operating? How long have the team members been designing landscape? Hands on experience play a vital role as the designers become more cost-effective with every job they undertake and capable of giving a practical view to the ideas put in front of them. Experience can be considered as educating and training in its own perspective as the designer learns on set while working on ideas. Because of the intuitive nature of the field ideas are sometimes hard to put in the practical gear, therefore, an experience is absolutely crucial so that the designer attributes the practical aspects to the client that too, remaining within the demands of him.


After experience and education if there is something that is very important in choosing any professional in any field of work and not just landscape designing is price. How a professional landscape company charges for a particular job whether residential or commercial, matters a lot. People want the best work but all the while remaining in their budgets. People even let go of quality work at times if it goes over their budgets. Therefore, to place your charges between general amounts of fees that may suit all your clients is the best solution.