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Commercial Landscaping Do’s and Don’ts

William Schoellkopf, one of the popular and reputable landscaping company, is one that provides commercial landscaping for business spaces needs. Creating an aesthetic appeal of your business spaces is essential to make it look inviting and attractive. The elegant look of the area will surely impress your clients even before they come into your office.

Compared to residential landscaping, commercial landscaping is a bit different in other aspects such as the design and layout of the commercial spaces, maintenance, surrounding areas, irrigation facilities, de-weeding, fertilization, and outdoor lighting.

There are commercial landscaping do’s and don’ts recommended for you to achieve the best result of making the business area look attractive.


  • Make a plan and work on your office yard obstacles and physical features to correct the spotted problems. Know if the area has a poor drainage, power lines overhead, or if space receives great sunlight in the morning. You also need to plan for long-term goals to ensure the landscape will not be affected whatever changes you want to do in the future.
  • Select a design that fits your budget and implements it accordingly. This is important to make sure that the project is done continuously until it is finished. An unfinished landscape project will ruin the look of the garden. You will also save your time and money if the project is done in lesser time.
  • Picture out the look of the landscape at its maturity while selecting a design. It is not only important to choose a landscape that looks good while trees and plants are newly planted, but it is also necessary to view it at its future look.

Take a growing tree as an example. Imagine how your office garden will look like if that tree shades your office. Therefore, make sure the plants and trees are still beneficial in the future and they will not hinder other plants from growing or taking the right amount of sun.


  • Do not forget the proper maintenance of the landscape. The office yard must be functional and its appearance should be kept beautiful. Since you do not have time to do the maintenance yourself, hiring someone from William Schoellkopf is a practical way to make sure the office yard is in good condition continually. Have someone clean and remove weeds regularly to ensure plants that grow receives proper care.
  • Do not just rely on a generic landscape. Opting for a more creative and artistic landscape is necessary since your office regularly receives professional guests. You can have designs that enhance the personality of your business or .you may also add even your personal touches to the decorations.
  • Do not select plants that only lasts annually. No matter how beautiful the flowers are, but if they only bloom at their season, then you must opt for plants and flowers that could consistently make your office yard attractive. There are flowering plants that bloom abundantly and continuously which can be used in the landscape design.

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