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Landscape Design Around Your Pool

William Schoellkopf, a landscaping company consisting of artistic professionals, offers striking landscape designs around your pool creating a focal point to the area. A pool without a landscape will just appear like generic and dull. Therefore, you must also set a design for it to develop an inviting atmosphere and adds attractiveness to the area occupied by the pool.

One of the best ways to improve it is to beautify its patio or concrete border on the hardscape area of the pool. It is the border that directly surrounds the pool. Putting around two or four large potted succulents around it requires a little maintenance. One good thing of using those is it will not shed debris or loose leaves in the pool water.

On the next outer ring of your pool is a place where you can put in an umbrella table and lounge chairs. You may also add woods, yard, trees, and other features to enhance the lounge area. Since this space is mostly made of brick or concrete flooring, you may use potted plants. For an organized appearance, using blue sapphire colored cypress trees will enhance the look of the pool and could also create a privacy to this area. You may also choose to make this as a formal garden setting instead.

For the above-ground pools, you have the choice to integrate the pool into the style of the home and its landscaping and surroundings. You can also consider creating a deck covering the exterior of the pool. It will act as a transitional area connected to your yard. For a less expensive structure, you may paint the walls outside the pool that blends with the environment. Plant shrubs around the outside pool that can be shaped into different figures that could also minimize the visual intrusion.

Just remember to keep grasses, flowers, and bushes away from the ring area of the pool to prevent debris from falling into the water. You may also consider the mix-and-match option to highlight the design of both the pool and your landscape. Using creative combinations of grasses, hardscaping, flowers, and foliage will bring your pool area into a different level of elegance.

For contrasting options, a flowering border combined with grasses will bring an attractive appearance. Make sure to mow the path regularly to make it look neat and organized. For a more striking effect, contrasting colors, textures, and shapes on the design are necessary. Shaping cypress trees like a straight long line create an extra texture to the quality of the landscape. Surrounding them with pink floral display brings a soft atmosphere to the area.

For more quality designs, William Schoellkopf offers a lot of selections specifically designed for your pool area. Each unique landscape is planned carefully to ensure they bring out the best of your swimming pool. The finishing touches will surely be exceptional making your guests enjoy the atmosphere as they fill their eyes with awe seeing how attractive your pool is.

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