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Using Technology to Create a Memorable Landscape Design

The technological landscape will never cease to surprise us and keep us alert. The modern technology in landscape design helps man to actively transform the surrounding world, changing its appearance depending on their perceptions of harmony. Modern landscape design is able to make your garden a comfortable, beautiful, and most importantly - original and unique. Modern approaches to landscape design in no way limit the flight of your imagination.

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Today, computer simulation is the most advanced software being used in landscape design, in particular, the system of AutoCAD (design company Autodesk). This is one of the most effective and reliable software, making it possible to work on a complex three-dimensional models. It has a powerful graphics platform that integrates all stages of the project: landscape analysis of the considered section, calculations, geometric constructions, execution of working documentation and presentation of the finished project. Modern tools not only allow you to quickly and efficiently carry out the development, but also raises the creative process at a sufficiently high level. Modern technology has created the way for new innovative solutions in the field of landscape design. For example, in the construction avenue tracks to seal loose soil compactors are used, which serve as a good alternative to the rink. They possess an excellent work quality, lightweight and easy to operate.

A new step in garden design is the use of concrete coating having the properties and appearance of natural stone. Process formation surface simulating a stone or brick, in step occurs when placed concrete not yet hardened; compact produced by the corresponding shape. As used colored concrete mix concrete, reinforced polymers.

Proper lawn care requires timely its moisture. Modern automatic watering systems include a wide range of equipment that allows you to fully automate the watering process as in small areas, and a fairly large area of tens of hectares. High-end sprinklers are equipped with modern automatics which extremely enhances irrigation systems. They are easy to operate by remote control, setting watering mode individually for each section.


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The settling basins commonly used pumps that pump up and pump down the water, and equipment for cleaning and disinfection.

Modern lawn mowers have a beautiful design and light weight. They are self-powered and does not need to be connected to the mains. Many of them combine several functions: mulching (cutting and shredding grass additional knife with its subsequent release as a fertilizer), the release of the grass on the side and gathering herbs in a special container - the grass-catcher.

Professional Landscaping company offer advanced technology to saves us time and money, helping to implement the most ambitious ideas that make our gardens are worthy of admiration.

You can try to create the landscape of your dreams on their own and do everything with your hands, or use the services of William Schoellkopf Landscape Design. All at your fingertips, the main thing - to start moving to the goal!

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